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In my youth I was always more interested in older men because I felt they had more to offer. I don't know what else to add. EDIT: Well now that I'm involuntarily.
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Some younger men prefer older, more experienced partners. Some of the most long-lived relationships I know involve men with a 10 or 15 year age difference.

What Grindr Taught Me About Dating Older Men

These men find a complimentarity in their age divergence. The older man brings experience and wisdom to the relationship, the younger man contributes a different perspective and energy. When older men seek out younger men exclusively, they may be saying something about themselves — that they cannot find men their own age appealing, for instance, and that they secretly fear they are unattractive to others.

These men are in danger of becoming manipulative, embittered and isolated. Younger men who avoid the company of older men may have problems accepting the fact of their own aging. They risk clinging to a youth that inevitably fades away, usually before we notice it. If we cannot imagine ourselves being interesting and juicy older guys someday, we risk creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. John R.

What Grindr Taught Me About Dating Older Men | HuffPost

Ballew, M. His clients are busy professionals, people of varied ethnic and racial backgrounds, LGBT men and women and clients from age 18 to 70 or more. Lawrence Gabriel. Its very hard for me accept that im aging.

Your email address will not be published. Dating Older — Younger: Age Differences in Dating 1 Comment. By John R.

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Compatible Partners — Review your matches for free Younger men tend to hang out with other younger men because they have a good deal in common. You can learn more about John and his practice at http: But you may find yourself capable of doing what so many other people in successful LTRs do: Okay, droop. Practically speaking, DADDY, guys still in college usually don't know exactly what they want to do or where they want to live after they graduate and consequently aren't good candidates for a successful longterm partnership.

But as you already know, DADDY, they're often good candidates for successful short-term relationships.

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So instead of guilting yourself for not pursuing guys your own age—and instead of inflicting BS rationalizations on us for why you're not open to dating guys your own age you like younger guys because you do, not because you missed out —pursue slightly older younger guys, e. Listen to my podcast, the Savage Lovecast, at www.

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